Corporate Insurance Manager – Saltchuk

Posting Date 9/27/22

Position Description

As the Manager of Insurance Programs & Risk Analytics, you will be responsible for a variety of insurance and risk management functions related to our family of transportation companies. Primary duties would focus on Total Cost of Risk (TCOR) data, modeling and trend analysis projects; risk financing decision metrics; managing comprehensive insurance programs across our business units; insurance premium allocations and budgeting throughout the organization; M&A insurance due diligence; supporting newly acquired entity integration into risk management.

Saltchuk manages an insurance policy portfolio of 120+ insurance policies covering our corporate office, and our logistics businesses in the marine, trucking, and aviation industries.  Origami is our RMIS platform and is our database of record for incidents and claims, exposure and policy information and safety reporting statistics throughout the organization.

You will report to the Senior Manager of Risk Management at the Saltchuk corporate level and work closely with risk managers and their teams across the business units.

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